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Supplier form Personalization - One Time Flag

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form personalization on supplier window

Forms Personalization to check one time flag

I have performed below steps to default the one time flag on supplier window for a custom reponsibility

1.Open the Suppliers and the Forms Personalization windows.
2. Seq=1, Description: Activate One_Time flag
3.Level = Function

Trigger Object = VNDR

Seq=1, Type = Property
Description = One Time
Object Type = Item
Property Name = VALUE
Value= Y

4.In the Context area entered the custom responsibility to be affected by this personalization.

5.Save your work and close all windows. Using the responsibility on 4, open the suppliers window again, go to the Classification tab and see if it is checked.

Issue is

when i open the supplier form it shows One Time Flag as checked

and I entered the supplier details and save the record .

from Find Supplier window when I query that particular supplier it shows One Time Flag as unchecked i.e ('N')

can you help me reg this issue ?