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    generate a Shared Component LIST in XML or JSON format


      I am using the LIST functionality within the Shared Component area of our application in order to maintain a menu/navigation list. I'm utilizing all of the features of the LIST Shared Component -- links, authorizations, conditions, comments, etc. This list will appear on every page, so I'm putting it on page zero.

      I'd like to get this list in an XML, JSON, or some format so I can manipulate it in javascript to display it. I guess another way to put it is that the template options for a LIST template seem to be very detailed and specific (which is great in general) and I am looking to just get the data out and display it myself.

      I can easily enough write a SQL query to produce the hierarchy proper hierarchy of the list, but I would be circumventing the method ApEx uses to implement all of the conditions and authorizations on the entries. I see there are APIs for both generating the list and also checking conditions, but neither of them are accessible to my custom schema and I wasn't sure if I should even attempt to reproduce them.

      Basically, I'd like to use the built-in functionality of the LIST Shared Component, but use my own display methods.