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    10gR1 (9.0.4) vs JInitiator and Sun JVM versions?

    Chris Muir-Oracle
      Hi Forms gang

      I was hoping Forms regulars could give me some opinions and thoughts please? I'm trying to get a handle on where Oracle is going with the whole JInitiator, Sun JVM schmoozle for Oracle Forms.

      My current site is running Forms 10gR1 (9.0.4), with no plans to upgrade (bah! - I'll convince them yet! ;). We're cognisant of Oracle's Client Platform Support doc which when last updated said 10gR1 runs on JInitiator and the MS JVM (now defunct I believe).

      However from my research on this forum, even though Oracle isn't supporting 10gR1 and the later JInitiator releases (by this I mean 10gR1 has been desupported), that in fact people are happily running later JInitiator releases, and even the Sun JVM against 10gR1.

      Is this correct? Can readers let me know if they're running 10gR1 with a later JInitiator release or even the Sun JVM? Any opinions about problems of the later JVMs and 10gR1?

      In addition could you also let me know what browsers you're running on? I ask because I note that 10gR2 through this doc states that the later JInitiators and the Sun JVM will happily run against IE7. So the assumption would be if we can run with a later JVM against 10gR1, then we should be able to run under IE7. Correct or bad assumption?

      While we're at it, thanks to posts from Wilfred here and here the general impression would be that Oracle's is moving away from JInitiator to the Sun JVM. Looking at the Forms OTN websites and future directions papers, there doesn't seem to be any mention of where they're going. Are there any documents that I've missed that spell this out for the future?

      Your thoughts and comments appreciated. Sorry for so many questions.