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    login error

      Something very odd occurred friday night/saturday morning. My OnDemand Integration is failing to log into the production server. However, using the same user logging into the testing pod is working just fine as well as logging into BOTH the production and testing CRM OnDemand sites using that same user.

      I didn't make any changes to any code since last Thursday and everything was working fine up until sometime after 10:30 PM Friday and when someone tried to log in about 9:30 am Saturday morning. I am the only one with access to the code and I even republished both the production and testing code just to be sure. The only difference between the codes are the Login URL and I triple checked to make sure it is the correct URL.

      I am using the VB.NET C# code provided by customer service and I've never made any changes to the Session stuff. I've just been adding functionality to update contacts, opportunities, etc.

      Here is what the error is returning:
      message=The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found., InnerException=, Source=System, StackTrace= at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse() at Siebel.OnDemand.WebServices.Session.Establish() in C:\rim\dev\current\SelfService\Session.cs:line 39 at SelfService.Login.LoadSessionData(String pstrServer, String pstrUserName, String pstrPassword) in C:\rim\dev\current\SelfService\Login.aspx.cs:line 347, TargetSite=System.Net.WebResponse GetResponse(), Data=System.Collections.ListDictionaryInternal

      From what I can tell it is trying to establish the WebServices Session and it is failing on:
      HttpWebResponse resp = (HttpWebResponse) req.GetResponse();
      where req is and HttpWebRequest.

      Anybody have any clues? Any chance there was some change implemented by Oracle and the folks I am working for (I am a consultant) forgot to mention it?
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          Not sure who did what but with continous monitoring the integration site came up with no changes made to code on our end. The only thing we did to anything (besides starting a support ticket and contacting an always helpful senior consultant at Oracle) was that the client added a new user to crmondemand and right after that our integration site started to work again. Could our user list/file have been corrupt and adding the new user repaired it somehow?