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    escalation in SSHR


      Is there an escalation option for oracle SSHR request or notification? i.e. if the Approver did not response in 3 days a notification should be send to the initiator or escalated to the next approver.

      Please advice
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          hi Jeddah ;

          Could you please send to m.abugosh@yahoo.com your email , need some help in SSHR ,

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            Why dont you try the timeout feature in the workflow.
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              What do you mean by time out in oracle work flow.

              I know that there is an option called time out in position transaction setup. but in the SSHR
              I do not know where is the timeout option?

              can you please clarify?
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                When you set up the SSHR notifications there is an option timeout in the workflow. When we set the time out option the sshr notifications can then be rerouted to the role mentioned in the workflow settings.

                You might want to have a look at the timeout option in the workflow guide.

                Choose Relative Time in the timeout option and specify the time period
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                  You can achieve this using the rules in AME
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                    Out of interest, how can you control the timeout with AME?
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                      Dear Ramsys,

                      I have good knowledge in AME can you please give small guide line.

                      Dear cbairi,
                      Are talking about the custom work flow or the standard oracle work flow that comes with the SSHR functions.

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                        Yeah this can be achieved through AME as well. I can think of a possible solution. We can create an attribute which basically gives the time elapsed from the time the notification went to an approver till the sysdate and then based on this can set up a rule which would push the notification to the next approver.

                        Could there be any other way??

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                          And Jeddah, I am talking about the custom workflow.
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                            The standard functionality of escalation provided by Oracle in case of time out is:
                            Let say we have two approvals HR_1 and FIN_1
                            HR_1 timeout then the approval notification moved to the supervisor of HR_1 defined in the supervisor tab. It goes on until it is not approved/reject or it reach to the final approval i.e. top approval in the supervisor hierarchy of HR_1.

                            Approved by supervisor of HR_1 : Then it moves for 2nd approval FIN_1.
                            Timeout by topmost supervisor of HR_1: It error out and error notification was send to SYSADMIN and transaction got stuck.

                            The same scenario goes on for FIN_1 as well.

                            First of all please correct me if i got wrong.
                            Second on timeout can we move the notification to next approval rather than supervisor of HR_1.

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                              Duncan Casemore
                              I still don't see an answer to this question. Escalation is standard out-of-the-box functionality in SSHR. It's called 'Timeout'. If you look on every SSHR notification there is a Due Date, which is when that notification times out. By default that's set to a year (365 days). If the notification isn't actioned within this timeframe, the notification will automatically be routed up the supervisor hierarchy to the next approver.

                              Clearly most people action notifications within a year so you probably haven't seen this happen.

                              The workflow used by SSHR is HR (HRSSA) and that contains an Attribute called 'Approver Notification timeout in Minutes' (HR_APPROVER_NTF_TIMEOUT_ATTR). This is set to 525600 minutes in the seeded workflow (365 days). This attribute is one of the few attributes in the HRSSA workflow that has its Protection level set to 1000. That means that you can change the seeded workflow without any risk that Oracle will override it in subsequent patches (usually you have to copy the workflow and use your copied version).

                              Change this attribute to 4320 (3 days) and the Due Date will then be 3 days from the date the notification was sent - your SSHR transactions will now escalate if they're not actioned.