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    what is Automatic offset method in oralce AP

      Hello All,
      What is Automatic offset method in Oralce Payable , kindly explain me
      with examples.

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          If you see the documentation you can see

          Automatic Offset Method. Enable Automatic Offsets by selecting Balancing or Account as your Offset Method if you want Payables to automatically create balancing accounting entries for your invoice and payment transactions.

          Attention: Carefully consider this option before setting it. Changing your automatic offset setting after creating accounting entries can result in slower Payables Accounting Process performance. Also, under certain circumstances, changing this setting can result in accounting irregularities.

          None. Do not use Automatic Offsets. For your invoice transactions, Payables creates one liability accounting entry, and for your payment transactions, Payables creates one cash type accounting entry.

          Balancing. Payables uses the supplier site's default liability account and overwrites the balancing segment (usually the company code) with the balancing segment from the expense distribution GL Account.
          Account. When creating the offsetting liability account, Payables uses the expense GL Account from the invoice distribution and overwrites the account segment with the default liability account from the supplier site.
          Prevent Prepayment Application Across Balancing Segments. If you use Automatic Offsets, you can enable this option to prevent the application of a prepayment amount to an invoice or expense report amount that is charged to a different balancing segment.

          this is copied this from online help
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            Thank for help , can u give me the vision responibilty name that implement as
            Balance, Account .
            i want to enter the Data and want to check the Flow of that Implementation.