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        Slow_moe wrote:
        Would it be a good idea to implement some feature to "force" people to
        fill in a proper username / nick, rather than all this "user123456" ?
        For example when creating a user profile (new users), and
        "you don't get a medal until you change the default name" ? (existing users )
        I'm tired of all the "user123456" users....

        Kind regards
        Yessssss , please do something about it.
        May be "you will not get any point until you have a meaningful name"
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          til the new forum is working properly :

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            And in office, i have to use IE. So either read Forums in that small font or increase it and then face this torture in all the IE windows open :(
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              When I resize my page using "Ctrl Shift +" or Ctrl Shift -" , the font size changes for me. Not sure what method you use.
              I found that I had to set Tools - Internet Options - Accessibility - Ignore Font Styles and Size so that I could use View - Text Size.

              That does allow me to resize the font for postings that I am viewing. And I have to use "Rich Text" when composing postings/replies so that I can resize Text in the same manner.

              Edited by: Hemant K Chitale on Aug 25, 2008 1:28 PM
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                Hi Hemant,
                I daily visit this forums. i see one of the best answers & knowledgeable things, i get/got from this forums.
                i also regularly visit your oracle & non oracle blog.

                i've set watches to most of the users ,so that i can't miss anything. Database General being a PUBLIC FORUM i'd like to say something.

                What i think of public forum is, when you join this it is supposesd to learn/answer if you have it.you are not bound to
                it,you are not supposed to get any prize or something ,nor does your are suppposed to give.

                As you have already said in one of your older threads that oracle has given us platform to share knowlwdge so we should
                respect it.(may be some words missing). but mostly similar to this.

                i've seen most of your answer very much to the subject ,mostly useful,knowledgeable.
                The new Legends of "Guru", "Expert", "Pro", "Journeyman" and "Newbie" are so so .... so ... what shall I say ? We have
                already suffered "Oracle ACE"s and "Oracle ACE Director"s. And now I suffer being labelled a "Newbie" until some unknowns
                start awarding me 5 points for "Helpful" answers and 10 points for "Correct" answers so that I must accumulate points to
                becoming a "Journeyman" and then a "Pro".
                And after all these years as a DBA, it's not nice being called a "newbie" (even though I have more than a 1000 posts in
                about the last year !).
                but from seeing above comments it feels bad. does it means that you write here for points/labels? i dont think so..
                On this forums most of the people knows about your ability/knowledge & what your capable of.

                it always looks from your post that you always try to make things clear weather it is a post of newbie or an ACE memebr.
                Oracle is GENUINE money making company and to remain competing against other companies it needs to do something like these
                new things. so does it means that the user of this or any forums supposed to stop writing/learnig/reading/using this or any

                as i already wrote what i feel for a forum user that his first & foremost motto is to get/give knowledge from it. if is
                really hampering like anything (technical problems of websites etc.)then its all yours decision to look into that.

                but your points to stop writing to this thread is not correct.

                its not any personal thing i've against you.i've just written what i feel.
                i regret if i've said something wrong.

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                  Read the rest of my responses on this thread and another thread in the forumsupgrade category.
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                    hi all


                    i have read all the comments .........

                    well i agree with hemant ....i was new to this forum and hemant, justin cave , hans , N. Gasparotto, pavan kumar ,Aman sorry if i have left others
                    have helped me alot so thanks for all .......

                    but let me ask you all ....if the solution works for a particular user by all means do you think that he will reward points ????

                    points would be given by the user who is benefited for that particular solution

                    do you think how genuine he (user) would be .....

                    i am very sorry if i am rude .......

                    then a newbie will take years to get a right solution since this is a 24*7 forum by the time he responds some one must have already answered the question ...so i think he would be a newbie always .....

                    then also i still feel there should be some thing else solution for this and its a request ....for you hemant ...please dont leave this forum
                    Just give and expand your knowledge ....dont expect any thing from others.......
                    Just after all years of working as a DBA you would be called as a DBA only......no one will call you as a newbie..
                    Just continue your posts and help other thats all i can ......al though your points are valid......

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                      No body is here for only due to points only. But, when you are implementing this to get the best out of this forum, then obviously we should consider some details seriously.

                      I've a question - How justified this point system?

                      In many situation when i found that a newbi is strict towards his/her proposed architecture and wants a solution based on it which is flawed. Now, previously many of us tell them this is wrong and this right and also proposed better solution if we know that. And, another person who posted this kind of stupid solution will be awarded full points rather your better solution will be left away. So, ultimately this forum will be driven by o/p's satisfaction and not by proper solution. Is it we all want? So, don't you feel that is humiliation to all those guys who are here at least for few years to give their time to all of our members. Don't they deserve a better environment compared to what is currently forced on us?

                      And, sometime many newbi also forget to rate the user who proposed his solution. And, also many times i've found many newbi don't even follow the better post after receiving one initial solution which is working for him/her. Is this the forum going for right direction then?

                      I don't think so. I've also learned many things from this forum. But, unfortunately i think we should seriously think once again. Already, this forum stops getting valuable input from Billy. I hope he will come back. But, i feel bad - about this sudden introduction of flawed rating system. May be many other member may differ with me.


                      Satyaki De.
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