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    problem facing while debugging java code


      In my application we have written a piece of java code and converted it to a webservice, and in one of the BPEL process we are calling this webservice. I would like to debug the java code while running the BPEL process,but could not able to debug the java code.
      I am using 10.1.3 Oracle Application server.
      Also when i am setting break points it is giving an error like:

      Unable to install break points in ... due to missing line number attributes. Modify compiler options to generate line number attributes.
      Absent line number information.

      i tried to change the compiler options by selecting add line number attributes while debugging,
      set debug = true in my ant build .xml file but still i am facing this problem

      Could someone help me in debugging the javacode which is used as a webservice in BPEL process manager.