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    Need Advice on Online Archival**** URGENT***

      We have a database where the usage is 12TB/20TB and a custom application is running on it, we are in the process of evaluating online archival tools ie;ols data needs to be available online for the users to access.

      I know there are products like Applimation,Solix Enterprise Data Management Suite,Oracle ILM.

      Our data in the core tables is actually hash partitioned and I understand that to use Oracle ILM data needs to be partitioned based on active data vs inactive data ,create data classes and point the data classes of inactive data to a table space which is on low cost storage tier.

      Is it possible to sub-partition the data? if so what are the performance implications? or any other advises or solutions we can handle this case we are ok with any third party solutions also.

      Also by default using Oracle ILM will the users be able to access the inactive data online how system works when a user enters order# which is on the low cost storage tier?