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    Still image usage

      Hello I just need a simple sql or Pl/Sql code to insert images in a table test( id NUMBER, pic SI_StillImage );

      And if possible i wanna add some fields by altering the table like adding SI_AverageColor, SI_Texture.
      This may be very easy for some of you but i'm new to oracle!

      Thanks in advance,
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          The images have to be loaded into the database first, perhaps to a BLOB column in a table. This table can be populated using SQL*Loader or using the DBMS_LOB API (please refer to the SQL*Loader or the SecureFiles and Large Objects documentation). Once a BLOB handle has been obtained by selecting a row from this table the SI_StillImage object can be created and loaded into a table as follows:

          simage := SI_StillImage(myblob);
          insert into test values(1, simage);

          simage is of type SI_StillImage and myblob is the blob handle.

          The table test can be altered to add new types as follows:

          alter table test add avgcolor SI_AverageColor;
          alter table test add texture SI_Texture;

          Appendix I of the Oracle Multimedia Reference documentation contains details on various object methods and functions that can be used with these types.