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    Oracle Instant Client for Intel MacOS X (x86_64 architecture)


      nice to see that, since some weeks ago, there is one Oracle Instant Client for MacOS X available. The wait was long but the product finally arrived, thanks!

      Oracle Instant Client for Intel MacOS X

      So, let's go with my 2nd message to this forums. ;-)

      Is there any chance to get that Instant Client (only working under Leopard and 32bits AFAIK) built for 64bits too? I really think it's the "default" architecture to be used under Leopard and with everything else (apache, php, ruby...) working perfectly under 64bits... it's annoying to "downgrade" them to 32bits because instantclient isn't built for x86_64.

      I theory it shouldn't be complex to build it supporting both architectures... and will help a bunch of developers and implementations, for sure!

      TIA and ciao :-)