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    Enqueue and Dequeue Error


      I am using stream dispatcher to update messages from sensor to the Database. After one and half days of working, I get an error from oracle.edge.rt.FileQueue as follows.

      Any suggestions to find a solution to this would be very helpful.


      Starting compact algo
      Tue Aug 12 07:53:18 BST 2008(8): FileQueue: Creating stop dq
      Tue Aug 12 07:53:18 BST 2008(8): ThreadFactory: New thread Name=SES.TF.FQ.StopDequeue Runnable=oracle.edge.rt.FileQueue2$stopDequeueHelper@e98812

      FileQueue: Creating stop enq
      Tue Aug 12 07:53:22 BST 2008(8): ThreadFactory: New thread Name=SES.TF.FQ.StopEnqueue Runnable=oracle.edge.rt.FileQueue2$stopEnqueueHelper@75e2b4
      Tue Aug 12 07:53:23 BST 2008(2):>>
           at oracle.edge.rt.EventList.addEntry(EventList.java:80)
           at oracle.edge.rt.FileQueue2.enqueuePersist(FileQueue2.java:744)
           at oracle.edge.rt.FileQueue2.enqueue(FileQueue2.java:304)
           at oracle.edge.rt.EventDispatcher.queueEvent(EventDispatcher.java:176)
           at oracle.edge.jmx.model.EdgeServerImpl.sendEvent(EdgeServerImpl.java:1716)
           at oracle.edge.common.Event.send(Event.java:513)
           at oracle.edge.impl.driver.TcpIpStreamRead21.sendEventToMonitor(TcpIpStreamRead21.java:143)