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    Oracle Application Express Packaged Applications online store

      Have any one used Oracle Application Express Packaged Applications online store

      How to make this is live online store?

      this is my site http://www.maxapex.com/apex/f?p=168:1:4341351000136200:::

      About the Online Store      

      Online Store illustrates purchasing products online. There is no need to pre-register. When you place your first order, an account is created for you.

      There is a simple interface for customers to find and purchase products and the application allows the site administrator to conveniently manage the online-store. This Application utilizes the Collections API to handle the Shopping cart data.

      Once the shopping is complete, the user is registered. The system creates a new password for the customer and mails the login details, generates the purchase order with a order number and shows the transaction successful page with all the product details, quantity, total amount, shipping and billing details.

      Various features include:

      * User related features
      1. User registration.
      Users have to register in order to place orders and buy products from the store.
      2. Forgot password.
      This feature can be used to get a new password by email if the user has forgotten it.

      * Admin features
      1. Administration
      The person responsible for setting up products including price, upload pictures, specification, and description.
      2. Categories
      Products are grouped by category.
      3. Hot products
      Hot products are displayed in a special section.
      4. Top sellers
      The system checks the items sold and quantity to decide the highest sellers and and then displays those on the main page.
      5. Promotions
      The administrator can also setup promotional products.

      * Search options
      1. By category
      2. Text field search

      Along with viewing products under top sellers, hot products, or promotions, users can search for a product by using any of the above options. Product category is a drop down list.

      * Favorites
      Users can add products to their favorites for later viewing or purchasing. These products will be available under the favorites section.

      * Order history
      Users can see the history of products that they have purchased (product details, price and date or purchase).