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    Enable Property Not working in Form Personalization- R12

      Hi All,

      I have an requirement to grade out the button item for Production Supervisor- Batch details, The Button Item is Transact Material, This Button should be grade out always for this particular responsibility.

      See below what logic i used for this requirement in Form Personalization.

      1. For the Batch Details Form Created one Personalization with trigger condition WHEN-NEW-BLOCK-INSTANCE and processing mode Not in Enter-Query Mode.
      2. In Actions tab - Type : Property
      Object Type : Item
      Property Name: ENABLED
      Value : FALSE

      After i validate it and pressed APPLY NOW- only at that time the "Transact Material" Button showed as Grade out but after i closed the personalization window and reopen the Batch Details form and am seeing that Transact Material still Enabled instead of Grade out.

      I prefectly saved the personalization window.
      I dont knw why it is working only when i see preview(APPLY NOW) option and not working once i reopen the batch details or logout the apps and reloged again still having the same issue.

      Please help me out if any one come accross this type of issue.

      welcoming your comments on this...