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    CS and Metadata Repository

      Hi, I try to install the Collaboration Suite on the OAS Infrastructure, if I use the OAS Metadata Repository as a Collaboration Suite Database, is it necessary to run the Metadata Repository Creation Assistant?
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          If you use a custom database then you need the MRCA - otherwise OID will not work.

          Generally it is not such a good idea to put the MDR into the same db as the OCS. There are too many version dependencies.

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            I am also planning an install of CS. As I believe the original question indicated, I would like to use an existing metadatadata repository and infrastructure server as the datastore and infrastructure tier of CS.

            I would then like to install the applications tier on a separate server.

            Is it possible to use/extend an existing metadata repository in use as part of an infrastructure application server installation to become the metadata respository and datastore for OCS, is Metadata Repository Creation Assistant (MRCA) mandatory in this case, how would the MRCA affect the existing schemas and tablespaces or how do you restore the data that you would need to remove?

            Is there a difference between a metadata repository and a database when the Oracle installation guides are giving installation options (see installing into an exisitng database)?

            How do you separate the metadata repository and the CS database, I thought these were the same thing but with the option of being stored in different physical locations?

            I would appreciate any feedback on this as I thought I had a clear installation plan; firstly to use an exsting infrastructure server and extend the metadata repository to allow the install of the CS infrasrtucture elements. Once this step was successful then install the applications tier.

            The business plans to roll CS out to around 500 users and it appeared that we would could almost justify a single box install but since there is already an intranet deployed via Portal with a metadata repository I thought it could be useful to have a single infrastructure server managing both the CS and Portal installations.

            Your help would be appreciated