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    ADF Tree border cannot be removed

      I have a af:tree component that is displayed on a grey background. There is a white border around my text (outputText) node stamp that I cannot seem to remove. I have one example using the rich skinning as a template and another without and both have this border and nothing appears to remove it.

      Also I cannot seem to even add a border, change the color, change the thickness, or anything else (except if I change the background color it changes it but the border is still there).

      Can someone give some guidance on what object / style will allow me to remove it?

      Image of the display is here: http://img142.imageshack.us/img142/7273/imagekc1.jpg


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          Frank Nimphius-Oracle



          in the web.xml file and use Firebug to look at the generated HTML page. Use the HTML inspector facility, click on teh broder to see the skin selector that gets applied to this. Let me know in case you still have problems, but please then post the skinning code of yours