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    Deploy ADF application to standalone OC4J 11g

    Romain Testu
      Hi people!

      I found some threads into the forums that deal with the subject but I did not find any solution, so I post a new thread...

      In fact, I'd like to deploy a "war" on a standalone oc4j 11g.
      The application was built with jdev 11g TP4.

      I can't use the ADF runtime Installer of jdev, so I have to copy all the files by myself, but the problem is that I do not find the files in jdev11/BC4J/lib/ that I have to copy in oc4j/BC4J/lib...
      There is no adfcm.jar, bc4jdomorcl.jar, etc ...

      Is it normal ? Could someone indicate me how to configure the standalone oc4j 11g in order to deploy my "war" ?

      Thanks a lot,

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