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    Calendar popup is not working properly in af:inputDate


      I am using af:inputDate component as,

      <af:inputDate label="Input Date :"/>

      The popup calendar is not working properly in my case. When I click on calendar buttong of the component, it is opening the calendar popup properly with showing proper date.

      Now in this popup I am able to change month or year only once. Means if I am watching January month initialy and now I changed it to May, it reflect the month properly. But before closing the dialog, if I again change the month to some another month, it is not changing the calendar at all. The same case is with year also.

      One more thing i want you to notice is, this component is working properly on a sample page where there is nothing in that page. But when I am adding it in my application with the same tag, it is not working.

      Can any one tell me where I should look for the fix?