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    Oracle Collaboration Suite with Mobile Text Access

      Hi, Im loocking for how to configure the values of Messaging Server to Ecuador. I have to send messages SMS from PC server in Oracle Collaboration Suite to any device PDA, POCKET PC, PALM, etc. In addition to, This SMS must contain a shortname that allow consult the information in our Data Base.

      We have installed Oracle Collaboration Suite in RedHat 4.0 release 2.0 and Windows 2003 Server. From all information that we have investigated we found this:

      ****For Oracle Mobile Text Access:

      1.- Mobile Browser Access
      2.- Deploying Mobile Text Access Through E-Mail, this point needs to configure an email access point for the Async Listener, Messaging Server, and create a valid account email.

      3.- Deploying Oracle Mobile Text Access Through SMS, this points ask us to have a SMS access number attained from the SMS provider in http://otn.oracle.com/products/iaswe/integration/content.html but this url doesnt exist.

      For SMS we have to send a shortname comand like ASK that enable service of Oracle Collaboration Suite.
      We have to obtain a SLA. For Ecuador we have an operator PORTA who give us the messaging server. This point we can obtain but we need to know how to configure the folowing steps to send Messages in Oracle Collaboration Suite.

      Anyone can help me??