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        its almost 15:00 ET still no update :^0
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          Unbelievable! Is it that bad?
          What did you do all this time? Are you sleeping at work?
          It's almost a year from the last TP... Who's in charge here?
          It's 22:22pm, 01.10.*2008*.
          ... I rest my case ...

          Good night!
          s o v i e t
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            Looks like its not going to happen today...;)
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              My work day is done and I'm on the West Coast. I have been hedging my bets and telling others Friday (October 3, 2009) Oops, I meant 2008! ;-)

              BTW, Oracle Press (actually Osborne (of OsCorp?!?)) is releasing "Oracle JDeveloper 11g Handbook: A Guide to Fusion Web Development" in LATE June/Early July 2009! But you can BUY it NOW!!!

              I was told at Oracle Open World Demo grounds that there are already some 30 video tutorials on JDeveloper 11g (as yet unavailable).

              Also, does nayone know of a feature matrix for JDeveloper 11g?

              How about a support matrix? I was told JEE5 and you should be good to go. Emphasize (SHOULD).

              I REALLY do not think that the JDeveloper folks have adequately tested JDeveloper 11g (production release with BEA (aka Oracle) WebLogic Server) against existing Oracle IAS 10.1.* And it not fully release ready for Oracle (aka BEA) WebLogic Server since SOA and WebCenter functionality is incomplete (due to WebLogic not being ready yet).


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                i don't think it will happen this week ;)
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                  I don't expect the 11g to be bug-free... Oracle is continually demonstrating the sloppiness and inability to deliver a decently stabile and robust release.

                  For example, the TopLink 11g released last week was missing one class in .jar!!! So after few days they released an "new" release 11.something!!!! Unbelievable! That such an "serious" company have so incapable sw products management teams who don't know how to deploy such an trivial package as TopLink .jar...

                  Now imagine JDeveloper 11g which is more than one .jar... And WebLogic which is a mystery to Oracle even more after acquisition (before, they jus neglected it and didn't bother to think about, now they have to deal with technology much advanced than their own).

                  So, I don't expect anything but trouble with R1. Just imagine migration of your previous TP code... for sure, they will provide automatic way which works perfectly and don't mess your project ;)

                  It all very amuses me. Let's look it from bright side: we will have a funny forum here!
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                    PaKo wrote:
                    I don't expect the 11g to be bug-free... Oracle is continually demonstrating the sloppiness and inability to deliver a decently stabile and robust release.

                    Virtually no product is bug-free, that's why there are new releases. Sure, they include new features and functionality, but the majority of upgrade is bug fixes.
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                      Well, I believe there are some bug free sw around. I don't like to think of Oracle patching the nuclear power plant or the strategic missile sw ;)

                      The bug are one thing, but sloppiness is another. Missing class in jar of you flagship new release is not a bug... The bugs are coming later when we can start using the package... ;)

                      I wonder how many of people are awarded for advocating for Oracle on this forum? I wonder if the legal department has a special policy for this? Don't be offended. I'm just joking here...
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                        John Stegeman

                        Wow. That's all I can say at this point, wow. Bug-free software: really? HA!

                        Here is the world's first peice of bug-free software:
                        public void doNothing()
                        Oh, wait, even that code has a bug, it was supposed to calculate pi to 5,000 digits.

                        The sentiment of certain posters on this thread has been pretty mind-boggling. Sure, we'd all like to get the production release of 11g and start using it. What is absolutely beyond me is the insinuation that people are "slacking off" and sleeping on the job because the release wasn't available by (fill in a time here) on (fill in a date here) in (fill in your country/time zone here). Boo hoo.... Are you telling me your team has hit every single deadline for developing complex software? If so, congrats.

                        I think I'll drive the car straight off the next cliff at this point. JDev 11g will get here when it gets here. I'll be happy when it is, but I'm not going to lose sleep over it or knock the product/the developers/the company because it wasn't available at 08.16.34 BST on 2nd October, 2008 AD.

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                          Pako has some right. Last time Oracle released JDeveloper with bug fixes. We have migrated our applications with new ADF runtime instalation on IAS, and so ? Application crashes - even metalink support can't help - they issues new bug (PPR problem) - *3 years after first release* - it's some ridiculous:)

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                            I think that this is a place where I'm getting out of that vehicle... ;)
                            Please drive carefuly... Everything is going to be OK.
                            Just give us a JDev11gR1 and we will let you go... otherwise...

                            s o v i e t
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                              Michael Koniotakis
                              I have seen other posts you have done saying the best about Oracle... just after each release of TPs
                              Its very helpful to stress people trying to deliver... I hope you are not a manager of a development team :)

                              We have created a Reference Application in TP4 and the plan was to start production development this Monday...
                              10 developers are being trained as we speak in TP4 (with no web logic)
                              We have spend already many man months to implement security in TP4 and probably everything will change....

                              Yet many people believe that will develop software faster and with better quality if they wait for jdev11.
                              Of course its more than a year now...
                              many projects could have already been finished...
                              Its always a matter of choice, (Productivity with choice) . I hope we dont regret
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                                10 developers! you are so lucky.
                                And wich kind of train in TP4, have you? Because here the oracle courses.... all 10g and nothing usefull when ask about any of our problems in 11g. I know it's preview.
                                • 43. Re: JDeveloper 11g Countdown
                                  Michael Koniotakis
                                  no official training
                                  it is performed by an Oracle Ace Director that designed the reference Application development
                                  • 44. Re: JDeveloper 11g Countdown
                                    You are so lucky,
                                    and if the ACDirector is Andrej give regards to him. :))
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