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    Oracle Putty SSH Tunnel

      Hi to all.
      I appreciate that you can provide me detailed instructions to perform the following:
      From home, I use the SafeNet Secure VPN Client to access my work.
      Once connected, I have to ssh to a box (let's call it, and once connected to that box, I have to ssh to another box that has the DB Server (
      There is any way to use my LOCAL sqlplus on my PC to access directly to the DB Server using Putty Tunnel option?
      So basically I'd like to access the DB Server directly from my PC (if possible).

      Any help is appreciated
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          Realistically, this is likely a question your network admins would need to answer.

          It is entirely possible, for example, that the database server is configured to accept connections only from particular machines, necessitating the two hop approach. Or there may be various firewalls that are designed to limit the set of machines that are allowed to connect to the database server. Your network admins should be able to tell you whether this is possible on your particular network, what you would have to request if you wanted it to work, etc.

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            You could just simply try it and see. I'm sure the time you've spent spamming this question on various sites would have better spent seeing for yourself.