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        Frank Nimphius-Oracle

        not sure about the look and feel. It could be that you rely on tonal styles, which where the default in TP4. Have a look at


        • 91. Re: JDeveloper 11g Countdown
          Unfortunately, I'll be the first to report a bug.
          InputComboLOV on a tab panel causes errors. I've reported this before, but it's still present in production version.

          I've created a sample application which demonstrates the problem. It's available here http://www.k-invent.si/doc/Lov_tab_problem.zip

          Just start it and try clicking on different locations in the left table. You will get an error.
          If you first clik on showDetailItem2 and then change selection in left table, it works.

          A bug or am I missing something?

          • 92. Re: JDeveloper 11g Countdown
            This is a bug. I will file it internally and continue to track it. I'll have a workaround for you shortly and will make sure it is fixed in the first patch. We are going to close this forum shortly so you should send me an email (first dot last at oracle dot com) for the workaround, and we can post any other questions on the main jdeveloper forum. thx.

            Ted Farrell
            Oracle Corporation
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