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    Tracking B2B Acknowledgenents in BPEL

      Hello Team,

      Kindly Advice on the below given requirement that we have.
      Use Case:- 10.1.2 BPEL and B2B
      1. A BPEL process (BPELA) populates the header and payload for 3B2 Rosettanet message and sends it to B2B.
      2. An Ack message generated by the Host TP can be seen in the B2B reports.

      Our design is such that, we would have to persist all the Acks based on the msg_id that we generate from BPELA in to a separate customer database for reporting purposes.

      Now, we want to get the Ack through either in BPELA or a new BPEL Process
      The things we tried
      1. We had a Recieve Activity bound to the Host TP Partnerlink, having a correlation set defined based on the MSG_ID on the header
      We found that the correlation sets can be applied only on the payload and not on the headers
      2. We wrote a new BPEL listening to IP_IN_QUEUE,
      We got the "Reciept Acknowledgement" Message but could not correlate it with the MSG_ID that we generate out of BPELA
      3. We want to listen only to the "Receipt Acknowledgement" message from the IP_IN_QUEUE (tried a couple of steps like "message selector" with funny and sensible values like(having a condition on "ACTION_NAME=='Receipt Acknowledgement" etc.) never worked for us.

      Also, we know that b2b_messageinstance view provides this information, but we dont want to go to the database to pick it up.

      We would greatly appreciate if you could advice on a best possible way to address this through B2B-BPEL channels.

      Thank you,