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    How can I create an EntityStore for a Database?  Advice on DB strategy?

      Hello All,
      How can I create an com.sleepycat.persist.EntityStore for a com.sleepycat.db.Database? Advice on DB strategy?

      I'm looking to create an application prototype that creates a database dynamically and can delete it programatically. Is openDatabase/removeDatabase what I'd want to use for that?

      So far, the Direct Persistence Layer is an amazing piece of technology and has the potential to make my team's application faster than we every though possible, so kudos to the author.

      I've built a high-security application using the DPL and a single database for hundreds millions of users. I'd like to attempt to create a database for each user for security and manageability purposes. Our mission statement doesn't allow us to execute queries for sensitive data across more than one user account at a time, so I don't get any benefit from having every user's objects in a single database. I'm investigating if giving each user their own database will speed up insert times and SecondaryIndex queries. It'll certainly be more secure as each database will be encrypted with a unique password.

      My design is that I have an app with dozens of com.sleepycat.persist.model.Entity beans which I persist and query on their Primary and secondary indexes. I've been accessing things through an EntityStore as illustrated in the Getting Started Guide. Can I access a database created with openDatabase through an EntityStore and com.sleepycat.persist.PrimaryIndex?

      Thanks in Advance,
      Harvard Childrens Hospital Informatics Program