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    Cannot Delete Mail Folder

      This may sound silly... but we cannot delete a mail folder in the Collaboration Suite Mail....

      Select "Folders" from the Mail tab.
      Click on the delete icon of a folder (not the inbox folder)
      System displays confirmation message where we click on "Ok"
      Application Error occurs "An error occurred; unable to delete the folder"

      The folders is not shared and it is not used in preferences as a sent,drafts,templates or trash can folder.
      The error occurs no matter the folder's contents, to empty and not empty folders.

      Any suggestions?

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          Doesn't anyone else have the same problem?

          We are conducting seminars to groups of users of an organization that have bought the product .... and each group create folders for educational purposes.We can not delete the folders afterwards... we have to delete the mailstore data of each user instead, which is not a user-friendly process, meaning that this can not be performed by the end users.
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            Raise an SR, this is not a normal situation and should be handled by support. Tell them which client you are using.