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    Run parlayx example error

      I want to test Parlay X PresenceConsumer application with OCMS(version reference to parlayxjdeveloper.pdf. I use Oracle JDeveloper 10g Release 3 ( After successful deploy on OCMS and invoke the URL(, after submit, I got the following error:
      2008-10-15 14:48:36.026 ERROR OWS-04005 An error occurred for port: {http://www.csapi.org/wsdl/parlayx/presence/consumer/v2_3/service}PresenceConsumer: oracle.j2ee.ws.common.soap.fault.SOAP11FaultException: Missing <wsse:Security> in SOAP Header.

      If I only request the URL in IE, which is a parameter used in MyPresenceService.jsp(consumer.setEndpoint("http://"+server+":"+port+"/PresenceConsumerService/services/PresenceConsumer ")), the response is ‘Policy requires PLAINTEXT passwords ’.

      Pls help me find the reason.

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          run the new version example http://aseng-wiki.us.oracle.com/asengwiki/display/ASSDPPM/Oracle+Presence+and+WebCenter+integration+resources to resolve it .
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            i could not access such link(http://aseng-wiki.us.oracle.com/asengwiki/display/ASSDPPM/Oracle+Presence+and+WebCenter+integration+resources), my browser always reply "Unable to determine IP address from host name for aseng-wiki.us.oracle.com". would anyone kindly how to retrieve such new version sample?