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    sqlplus client need to be more modern!

      Hi All

      I'm dreaming about a sqlplus (as like bash) be able to do auto completion behavior for commands, having a bigger history of commands than only 1 in the buffer and a syntaxe control in order to avoid errors.

      A more detailled online help would also be perfect!
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          I am very angry about Oracle support & develoeprs. They do not care about the situation and problems of the community. Your advice is a good example. That limitation of sqlplus exist before oracle has yet been developed ! I think sqlplus cames before the DBMS *g and only marketing makes oracle a global player instad of genius implementations.

          Maybe oracle has no QA-Department that has experiences in usability :)

          I think in my case they have no architects:

          How to use OCI Serverside Scrollable ResultSet via JDBC-OCI

          CLear Microsoft has baught its knowhow from sybase and so they had all needed implementated konzepts, but Oracle has to retighten in technical point of view.

          Regards, Andre, Berlin
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            Chuck Speaks-Oracle
            Have you tried SQL Developer (free product)? It may be what you are looking for.

            As someone that was trained to be an Oracle DBA via svrmgr and sqlplus, I am a bit comfortable in the command line of sqlplus, but I think the usability factor is GREATLY increased with SQL Developer. It has a lot of the features you mentioned.

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              Hi Chuck

              As you i grew up with vt220, svrmgr, sqlplus and a bunch of Unix&Linux commands but I still think that they could make it much more better.

              I do not have anything against sqlplus as it quite fast but would appreciate to have even better.

              I*m using raptor/SQL Developer already and also grid controller but still think that we need some command completion as SQL server does *for half the price