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    remote access vpn security

      I'd like to secure my vpn further by enabling 2-factor authentication. My user-base is pretty large and like to avoid distributing tokens or even certificates. do any of you have ideas about enhancing vpn security with phone-based solutions? I've heard that you can get some pretty good bang for the buck.
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          Solutions for 2-factor authentication for remote access vpnshave been around for a long time, but only recently have they relied on hardware already in the hands of users, namely phones, to provide ssl vpn sercurity. Most of the time it doesn't matter what vpn solution you have--cisco, microsoft, whatever--the solutions are pretty neutral. Phone is good because users manage and control them (instead of corporate IT), which drives a greater alliance between the two.
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            Thanks for the insight. I've recently come across PhoneFactor (www.phonefactor.com/solutions/remote-access-vpns/) and they seem to have the kind of solution I'm looking for. In particular they seem to have a solutions that sits on top of my cisco vpn and will simply enhance security through stronger authentication. As you can tell, its not the security of the technology I'm concerned about but the security habits of my user base.