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    Using Content DB devkit, how to get the categories attached for folders


      We attached a category to a folder. Category name is TestCategory.

      Now we tried the following code to get the category values for a folder

      String folderName = "/TestCintainer/TestWorkSpcae/TestFolder";

      We Used the following code to get the requested attributes for folder.

      AttributeRequest[] requestedAttributes = new AttributeRequest[]



      new AttributeRequest[]


      ClientUtils.newAttributeRequest ( Attributes.CATEGORY_CLASS,

      new AttributeRequest[] { ClientUtils.newAttributeRequest (Attributes.DISPLAY_NAME) } ),




      Item folder = fileM.resolvePath(folderName , requestedAttributes);

      But we are unable to get the categories and its values..

      (NOTE: We could use the same code for getting the categories for files.)

      Thank You,