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        I changed server name, reinstalling, but error repeating..... oooh..... my poor brain, i don't khow what happend....
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          How did you reconfigured ?

          First remove the swse configuration then again create a new configuration and choose swse configuration.

          Althouth its difficult to short out what may have gone wrong.

          Read this document, this may tell you where you have gone wrong.


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            I have gone wrong on step when i applying SWSE configuration, I have idea, maybe it's enviroment such as $SIEBEL_ROOT (must be set this env. on SWSE server? )
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              I did'nt understand , can you plz elaborate what you said previous.

              also see this details have you used these options will configuring

              Siebel Enterprise Name                         SBA_80
              Compression Type                         None
              HTTP 1.1-Compliant Firewall / Enable Web Compression     false

              Login Session Timeout Value
              Default value: 900

              Active Session Timeout Value
              Default value: 300
              High Interactivity or Employee User Login Name and Password     SADMIN
              Standard Interactivity Password Encryption               GUESTCST
              Siebel Enterprise Security Token                    Key

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                I was facing the same issue while configuring SWSE, it was failing at the step UpdateMimeTypes


                Siebel version


                Web Server - OHS 11g


                OS - Oracle Linux 4 update 5


                Below step helped resolve my issue, hopefully it will help here


                The error: GenericLogGenericError10000000252302b7f:02013-09-11 21:44:43Step SetMimeTypes: failed to run program %%SiebelRoot%%%%OSDirSeparator%%install_script%%OSDirSeparator%%install%%OSDirSeparator%%UpdateMimeTypes with cmdline %%SiebelRoot%% %%WebServerInstance%%
                GenericLogGenericError10000000252302b7f:02013-09-11 21:44:43Failed during Execution, err: 5500044



                You need to open scripts under sweapp/install_script/install and check whether it is written "head -1" command syntax or "head -n 1"


                Please check on this. If it mentioned as "head -1" , replace all scripts to use "head -n 1"



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