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    Isolation of the WL Domain Admin Server.


      Is it always best practice to put the WL Administration server on a separate physical box from the managed servers. I.e its in the domain but out of the cluster? I've always thought yes.

      At the moment I've got a prime example where an old application (my previous topic) has fallen over because of a memory leak and the JVM heap is at 100%. This in turn makes the WL admin console slow or even non responsive and the only way to sort it out is it physically kill the process.

      Is there anyway in the short term of isolating the Weblogic admin server from the application JVM so it running fine even if the JVM hits 100%. If you have both the admin and managed server on the same machine>?


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          In 'production' I would advise you to run the administration server on another box. This for performance reasons, but also for security reasons.
          The general rules in production are:

          - NEVER, NEVER, NEVER install the application on the adminserver.
          - try to run the adminserver from another box, which should not be high available.

          If the adminserver needs to run on the same box, I would advice to play with process priorities or resource control.

          Schelstraete Bart
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            Many thanks for this, I know so, so many companies that have put their applications on the same box as the administration server.

            Anyway with process priority and control, how do you do it? i.e to make the administration server a higher priority than the application, so if the application fails i.e the JVM Heap goes to 100% the admin server is still able to run.

            Are you talking here about lower leve unix process priorities or something BEA do with weblogic?