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    how to run weblogic 8.1 and weblogic 9.2 simultaneously

      I have data service platform installed on Weblogic 8.1 platform and Aqualogic service bus installed with Weblogic 9.2.And I want to start both the servers at the same time.

      I have configured Weblogic server 8.1 domain to listen on 7771 port while weblogic 9.2 server domain is listening on 7001.However when I start both the server then one server starts and others server fail to start and in prompt following error message is displayed :

      ERROR:Transport error 202:bind failed:Address already in use["transport.c",L41]

      ERROR:JDWD Transport dt_socket failed to inintialized TRANSPORT_INIT<510>["debugInit.c",L500]

      JDWD exit error JVMTI_ERROR_INTERNAL<113>:No transport inintialized

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