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    EJB3 Entities using Hibernate3.2 Clustering in Weblogic10

                I'm using Weblogic10, EJB3.0 and Hibernate, My services are mostly stateless SessionBean. One Serivce is stateful SessionBean. When UI calls the services I am using JPA's (Hibernate's) Detached Entities from my services and sending it to the UI. Both UI and the EJB services will be deployed in the same Weblogic Cluster. For this architecture can someone explain following questions:
                1.     How the Weblogic10 fileover works in a clustered environment? (I read the doc but the doc is explaining mostly Weblogic8 and EJB 2)
                2.     In one of the stateful SessionBean I’m caching huge Results from DB, the cache is used only for the performance, and the stateful SessionBean is idempotent. Therefore, if the new Stateful SessionBean is created one again it will cache the results from DB. Is it inefficient for the Weblogic10 to replicate the stateful state to different servers in Weblogic10 cluster?
                3.     I have designed all my services in such a way that it is possible to deploy it as POJO services. If I deploy it as POJO services, would weblogic10 still perform the clustering for the POJO services?
                4.     How the detached entities are clustered in Weblogic10 and what happens if one client updates the detached Entities? Is the Weblogic10 automatically updates all the clustered Entities automatically?
                5.     How the clustering of Entities works with Hibernate Caching?
                Not sure if I can get answers for all of my questions above, if anyone points any references would help me a lot.