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    How to implement apache rotatelog with the WLLogFile directive

      We are using the weblogic plugin for apache (coolstack version2.2.3). We implemented the rotate logs for the Error as well as for the Custom logs and this works perfectly so we can keep our logs rotated and clean up the old logs automatically.

      ErrorLog "|/opt/coolstack..rotatelogs /opt/coolstack...access.log%Y%n%d%H$M 50M" common

      The problem we have is that this does not seem to work for the WLLogFile and we are running out of disk space. The workaround is to take an outage to stop the server instances, rotate the logs manually, and then start the servers.

      Sample Entry:

      <IFModule mod_weblogic.c>
      WebLogicHost xxx.sss.yyy.com
      WLLogFile /localdir/proxyfile.log


      <Location /console> # or /application
      SetHandler weblogic-handler
      WebLogicHost xxx.sss.yyy.com
      WebLogicPort 7001
      WLLogFile /local/console_proxy.log

      ...repeat above for each app

      When we tried to apply the piped rotate logs:
      WLLogFile '"|/opt/coolstack..rotatelogs /opt/coolstack...access.log%Y%n%d%H$M 50M"'

      nothing happens...

      Note that it has to be single quoted or WLLogFile complains that it can only use one argument.

      Has someone been able to rotate the proxy logs automaticatlly without having to stop the servers?

      Thanks for any advice on how to automate the rotation without downtime.