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    WebServiceClient problem

      Hy, i am trying to use the @WebServiceClient to consume a specific web service.

      I am getting the following error:
      javax.xml.ws.WebServiceException: Port "{http://localhost:7001/TestProxyService
      s/test}TestSoapPort" not found in service "{http://www.teste.com.br}TestService"
      It seems to me that the support to Web services using EJB3 with weblogic 10 still is not a mature sollution. Does anyone know the solution for this, or if there is another way to consume web-services inside my business objects(EJBS) ?


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          I fix the problem fixing the targetNamespace of the @WebServiceClient class. Must be the same of the WSDL definition.

          However my ALSB is receiving a empty document structure
          <Jun 26, 2008 4:55:15 PM GMT-03:00> <Error> <ALSB Logging> <BEA-000000> < [PipelinePair GetOrder, PipelinePair GetOrder_request, LOG, REQUEST] <S
          :Body xmlns:S="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/">
          <ns3:getOrder xmlns:ns3="http://www.b2winc.com/OM" xmlns:ns2="http://www.b2winc.com/order"/>
          All the examples that i saw in the web doesn´t use a complex type in the web-service. Does anyone know how to fix that?


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            We fixed the problem using the JAX-B and JAX-WS support. In this case we don´t use the XML-BEANS support to generate the services entities, doesn´t work if you try.