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    How to Design cube in OBIEE

      Hi experts

      Please tell me the steps how we can design cubes in OBIEE with AWM . If there is any other aproach to design cube in OBIEE without using AWM.

      Thanks in advance

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          Oracle OLAP cubes cannot be created with OBIEE. You have to use the current tools (AWM or OWB). When you have created the cube you can import the SQL view of it in OBI EE, model it and report on it. See also this blog: http://www.rittmanmead.com/2006/08/10/using-oracle-olap-data-with-oracle-bi-suite-enterprise-edition/

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            Thanks buddy
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              Second, you can learn about building cubes in AWM and using them in OBIEE at this site:


              On that page, there are two links on the right hand side. You'll need to do both of them.

              Oracle by Example -AWM 10g

              Using Oracle OLAP with OBIEE 10g R3 Lesson

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