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    References about AERS 4.6


      I would like to know if someone has installed the new release AERS 4.6.

      Expierences about the installation process and new tech stack.

      Best Regards.
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          ¿Como le fue?

          We've been trying to install 4.6.* - Migration from 4.5.2* - since May and are still not successful (was AIX, now Solaris back-end, MSWindoze 2003 pack 2). [Intentamos desde Mayo pero todavía no lo logramos. ]

          The latest problem is in AERS Db creation, it doesn't want to migrate Portal.
          [El último problema es en la creación del AERS Db emigración del Portal.]

          Tom from USA Oracle support has been a lot of help.
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            We installed AERS in Development machines, vanilla flavor in one machine and migration on other. The migration path is taken large amounts of time (10 days running the part here it migrates cases and portal at first, then after cleaning up %TMP stuff in the source files, 5 days!). Oracle support is helpful but we're still waiting on improved scripts.

            The solutions involve to work with your DBA's to extend temp space and timeouts to very large values. Also some scripts are updated in patch that you'll need while installing 4.6.0.

            Installamos AERS en dos maquinas para desarrollo. Nos esta' tomando demasido tiempo. Diez di'as solo en la parte que emigra datos the casos y portal, lo bajamos a cinoc despues de limpiar datos temporeros. Oracle "support" nos ayuda, pero todavi'a no produce programas mejorados (mas eficientes).

            La solucio'n impone extender los espacion temporeros de DB y los valores de "timeout." Existe un "script" mejorado en el "patch" que debes utilixar en la face the installacion del AERS DB de 4.6.0.