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      Somewhat of a newbie here...

      Trying to set up WLDF to send data to a JDBCarchive. I have set up the DB and the data source. I just can't seem to get any information into the DB. There are a few entries in the events table (type weblogic.jdbc.stmt.usage). Also have a few in the wls_hvst table (type weblogic.management.runtime.ThreadPoolRuntimeMBean). I have read through the docs (brain numbing!) but I just can't seem to get it up and running in a way that gives me data I can understand.

      There also seems to still be data being written to the data/store/diagnostics/WLS_DIGNOSTICnnnnn.DAT files. Should it still write to this even with the JDBC archive setup?

      Is there a howto/tutorial somewhere on setting up and using WLDF/WLDF Console for newbies?

      Many thanks in advance.