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    How to develop WebLogic Web services on Eclipse 3.2 and WebLogic Server 8.1

      I am going to involve in a project developing a WebLogic Web service application on WebLogic Server 8.1 SP6 and the IDE is Eclipse 3.2 WTP. I have used Eclipse only to write client application before, so I don't know how to create a Web service project in Eclipse WTP.
      There are some tutorials showing how to do that in WebLogic Workshop (Eclipse-based), but in Eclipse 3.2 SDK, things are somewhat different.
      I did successfully configure the WebLogic Server 8.1 to work with Eclipse 3.2 WTP and could create some simple dynamic web projects with a few JSPs, servlets, and EJBs.
      Can anybody show me how to create a new WebLogic Web service project in Eclipse 3.2 WTP?
      Thank you so much.

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