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    How to pass XMLOptions to Clientgen

      I need some help with the webservice clientgen ant task. I am using weblogic version 9.2 MP3.

      Unfortunately, the WSDL I have (from a 3rd party, can't change it), is non comformant to the unique particle attribution constraint. I am able to compile it using glassfish, but I need to run my client in a web logic server, so I would need/prefer to use the native weblogic webservice constructs.

      Whereas glassfish throws a warning for the non-comformant parts, Web Logic's client gen simply errors out and exits...

      With this in mind, I am trying to tell clientgen to disable the upa check. Can this be done? How can we pass it that option?


      FYI: here's the error:
      [clientgen] ClientGen Build Failed : com.bea.xml.XmlException: C:\bea\user_projects\w4WP_workspaces\lantern_project\ApcWebLogicTest\wsdl\apc-northbound.xsd:19:9: error: cos-nonambig: Content model violates the unique particle attribution rule.