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    HandlerChain in Weblogic 10.3, ClassNotFoundEx

      I am trying to deploy in Weblogic 10.3 a web service (JAXWS) that contains a @HandlerChain but the deployment fails with an exception stating that the handler class that I specify in the XML file is not found (ClassNotFoundEx). I tried various solutions: packaging jars in my warfile (my guideline was http://dev2dev.bea.com/lpt/a/596, I used all jars in jaxws.classpath); i I tried also to add all these jars in the WLS classpath but I got other weird results.
      A second question is how to use the modules located in the modules/ folder. There are various versions of glassfish for instance and I don't know which version is used by the runtime. Is there any way to install/uninstall them?

      Any idea is appreciated. Thanks.