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    Issue validating ALDSP3.2 from command line using java cmd or ANT script

      I am having difficulty in validating ALDSP 3.2 Project , when I run it through the cmdline_build.xml(ANT Script) available in <bea_home>/aldsp32/bin folder.

      I created a property for workspace , eclipse home pointing to beahome\tools\eclipse32\eclipse

      The first ant target runs fine validating the workspace , eclipse home.

      Ant help fails
      C:\bea10\aldsp_3.2\bin>ant help
      Buildfile: build.xml



      C:\bea10\aldsp_3.2\bin\build.xml:64: Java returned: 13

      Total time: 6 seconds

      Ant validate-project fails

      Same happens when I try to run validate-project as well in the build file , I also pointed the jar file in the aldsphome\eclipse-plugins\dsp\eclipse\plugins\com.bea.dsp.ide.app_3.2.0.jar which is used in the target(validate-project) as a argument to validate the ALDSP3.2 projects. (Ref as arg classname :- com.bea.dsp.ide.app.Activator) It fails stating

      Buildfile: build.xml



      [echo] ECLIPSE_HOME location is C:/bea10/tools/eclipse32/eclipse
      [echo] Eclipse workspace location is C:/data_services/solution/src/DataFabr


      C:\bea10\aldsp_3.2\bin\build.xml:79: Java returned: 13Have anyone seen an error like this one, I tried to browse around for documents & found only ALDSP3.0 docs for validating ALDSP project from ant scripts or java command.

      I have same issue when I try to run in command line through java command as well same error code : 13 is returned.

      I tried to use both jrockit jdk & sun jdk implementation with weblogic 10.0 M1 but my efforts are in vain.

      Any suggestions or workarounds?
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          Do i have to start the server to validate the dsp project?

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            Have you tried running ant with the verbose flag? Check the ant documentation.

            Have you tried looking at line 64 in build.xml ?
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              I changed the eclpse home to point to

              C:\bea10\tools\eclipse_pkgs\1.1\eclipse_3.2.2\eclipse instead of

              1.ant help - worked fine.
              2.ant validate-project - still fails with same error.

              I tried with command ant -verbose validate-project & as well
              ant -debug validate-project it fails.

              I noticed com.bea.dsp.ide.app.Activator was not part of start.jar so i added the classpath of com.bea.dsp.ide.app_3.2.0.jar available in plugins in dsp.

              I am attaching the trace.log of verbose output.

              I am not sure if something is wrong from my end.

              This is how it looks in ant file

              <target name="validate-project"
              description="Validates the specified dataspace project."
              <java classname="org.eclipse.core.launcher.Main" fork="true" failonerror="true" maxmemory="256m">
              <pathelement location="${ECLIPSE_HOME}/startup.jar"/>
              <pathelement location="${ECLIPSE_HOME}/com.bea.dsp.ide.app_3.2.0.jar"/>
              <arg value="-data"/>
              <arg value="${workspace}"/>
              <arg value="-application"/>
              <arg value="com.bea.dsp.ide.app.Activator"/>
              <arg value="validate-project"/>
              <arg value="${project}"/>

              Please let me know if you figure out somethign wrong with my approach.