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      • 15. Re: Problems with ALDSP 3.0 and ALSB integration
        I can't pinpoint what the problem is - I don't find any "SLIMSCustomerMaster" in your wsdl - I don't know where that comes from.

        If you do just like Jeff did before you import it into ALSB - embed the datagraph.xsd within the ALDSP-generated wsdl instead of importing it, this problem should go away.
        • 16. Re: Problems with ALDSP 3.0 and ALSB integration
          Also, if I paste the contents of the datagraph.xsd file into the CustomerDetail.wsdl Types section
          Do this before importing the wsdl into ALSB. Then it should not need a 'mapping'.
          • 17. Re: Problems with ALDSP 3.0 and ALSB integration
            Thanks for your response, mreiche!

            Sorry for any confusion previously -the "SLIMSCustomerMaster" refrence in my earlier post was just the name of the ALSB project I set up... I've named the latest attempt as "CustomerMaster"

            Just to follow-up, I tried your recommendation of pasting the datagraph into my CustomerMaster.wsdl before importing into ALSB, but still get the same mapping error (see attached files - WSDL with pasted datagraph.xsd schema and sample screen shots).

            Other folks here working on this project don't seem to be having the same issue, but my ALSB configuration is consistently failing on this WSDL import no matter what I try... My local DSP services work fine, and I've successfully created an ALSB proxy service for a read only DSP logical service, so I'm hoping you might be able to think of something else to check that might be specific to my environment...? Thanks again,

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