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    Using Flash in porlets

      I created one portlet and assigned to a remote server. the remote server pointing to jsp which displays the flash movie.
      i am able to play the flash movie if i access the jsp directly from the web server, but i am not able to see the flash movie if i access through portlet.

      Could anyone explains how to use flash with ALUI portlets.

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          try putting the swf file on the imageserver. This way when you link to your flash file it will have an externally reachable url. I know that gatewaying a flash file did not work when I tried. The imageserver way worked for me.

          andrew morris | Managing Partner/ consultant | andrewm@d5systems.com
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            The transformer does not know how to transform URLs within swf files. It understands HTML, Javascript, etc..., but not swf. Therefore, if your flash file contains URLs that point back to a local directory, those URLs will not work, because the browser won't have access to that location. Therefore, you'll want to use your swf file untransformed by putting it someplace (like the imageserver) that's directly visible to the browser.

            -- Don