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        Martin Giffy D'Souza
        Please ignore last post, got it to work.

        Thanks for the great post!

        • 46. Re: Partial refreshing of pages in 2.0 ?
          Libor Havelka
          Hi Martin,
          can you please explain what have you done to make it work under IE?
          I've made it work under FF but under IE I'm getting runtime error.

          Thank you very much

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            Hello Sir ,
            I am Avinash ,I have problem in using this application -- http://apex.oracle.com/pls/otn/f?p=11933:40:2171679397285579::NO:RP::
            I copied this application on my machine this application works fine but I have problem in creating my own application .
            My application do not execute next of javascript line --
            var lReport = getElementsByClass('standard',lGrab,'TABLE')[0];
            I am trying for it from last three day's so please help me ....

            Thanks in advance,
            Avinash Nagawade
            • 48. Re: Partial refreshing of pages in 2.0 ?
              thanks Carl for great work!. I tried your example and it works great for a report display. If I have multiple reports, should they all be in separate pages for AJAX pull to work?. Also, I tried passing a value to a bluk update from in another page and followed the same method as Ajax report pull, but it just returns ','. is it possible to do the AJAX pull for a bulk update form?. any ideas are appreciated.

              • 49. Re: Partial refreshing of pages in 2.0 ?
                Thanks for this great example!

                There are two problems, unfortunately:

                *1. Pagination breaks* (Try viewing the Sales department)
                The problem is that the pagination function, $a_report, is posting back to the catching page, instead of the page containing the SQL. There is a hack to work around it. You can override the $a_report function by redeclaring it on the catching page as follows:
                function $a_report(pId,pMin,pMax,pFetched,pSort){
                        lThis = $u_js_temp_drop();
                        var lOld = $x('report_'+pId+'_catch');
                        lOld.id = 'report_'+pId+'_catch_old';
                        var l_URL = 'p='+$v('pFlowId')+':'+SQL_REPORT_PAGE+':'+$v('pInstance')+':FLOW_PPR_OUTPUT_R'+pId+'_';
                        if(!!pSort){l_URL += pSort+'::RP&fsp_region_id='+pId;}
                        else{l_URL += 'pg_R_'+pId+':NO&pg_max_rows='+pMax+'&pg_min_row='+pMin+'&pg_rows_fetched='+pFetched;}
                        var ajax = new htmldb_Get(null,null,null,null,null,'f',l_URL);
                        var gReturn = ajax.get();
                        lThis.innerHTML = gReturn;
                        lOld.innerHTML = $x('report_'+pId+'_catch').innerHTML;
                        lOld.id = 'report_'+pId+'_catch';
                        lThis.innerHTML = '';
                Replace SQL_REPORT_PAGE with the page number of the page containing the SQL report, not the catching page.

                *2. Pagination breaks completely when using multiple ajax regions.*
                The problem is that the "catching" region cannot be identified. One would have to find a way to identify the region using document.getElementById(regionId), but I cannot see a way to do so. Any insights would be much appreciated.

                • 50. Re: Partial refreshing of pages in 2.0 ?
                  A ways back (10/3/05) in the replies to this note, Carl Backstrom added the following caveat:

                  "The main problem you can have with this is that you want to make sure not to get the <form> tag included in your substring as that will break the submit functionality on the calling page."

                  I think this is what I'm running into, as I get the error message:

                  <em>Error Item ID (6533064728294504640) is not an item defined on the current page.</em>

                  I've looked at the source that's generated by my page and don't find an extraneous &lt;form&gt; tag, but I don't understand what Carl means by "included in your substring". Can anyone suggest what substring Carl might have been refering to? I sure wish I could ask him directly! :(

                  Sorry for replying to multiple posts here; I'm just trying to work my way through any relevant posts that might help. :|

                  I've recreated the functionality on apex.oracle.com, for those who care to see it directly.

                  - Stew
                  • 51. Re: Partial refreshing of pages in 2.0 ?

                    You're pulling form input fields that are on page 20 between the <htmldb:BOX_BODY> and </htmldb:BOX_BODY> tags. You'll need to move the page items out of that section.

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                      Arie Geller
                      Hello Stew,

                      Please see my response in here - Re: AJAX region pull .

                      • 53. Re: Partial refreshing of pages in 2.0 ?
                        Got it! Thanks guys!

                        - Stew
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