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    Cached code??

      I am trying to debug a .NET stored procedure. I have redeployed it but Oracle seems to be using cached code instead of the code from the updated DLL. How do I clear this in Oracle?

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          Make sure that the extproc.exe is not running in database server when you redeploy your assembly. You can stop it using OraClrAgent service. You may also manually check if your assembly in database server at <OracleHome>\bin\clr is updated after redeployment.
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            I was able to resolve the problem by changing the assembly version and file version in the project properties. I'm not sure which one made it work, but it seems that Oracle wouldn't load in the new code if the version was the same.
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              You may want to re-check this as currently Oracle relies on .NET DLL name and its location on the database server to use the DLL for .NET stored procedure execution.