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    Siebel 8.0 iHelp

      There has to be a user-friendly way to create help topics (iHelp items) in Siebel. Is there a way I can create iHelp items in an external application (such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel) and import the items into Siebel? I can't even re-import items that I previously exported from Siebel just as a test.

      Is there any documentation that truly documents iHelp in all its glory? I already read the sparse documentation in the Siebel Fundamentals and Siebel Applications Administration Guide documents. Is there a party book on the subject? It's ridiculous how little information is provided on iHelp.
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          Sorry to say, but I don't think there is anything more then:

          Siebel Applications Administration Guide > Creating and Administering iHelp

          Siebel Fundamentals > Using iHelp

          Have you searched My Oracle Support (Metalink 3) for known issues with importing iHelps?
          What error do you get when importing iHelps back into the application?
          When you ask, you should try to be more precise regarding what version of Siebel you are using.
          Is it or

          Once again, sorry say, some parts of the Siebel application is not as well documented as others.