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    Understanding wsdl file to be called from Partner link

      Hii All,

      I am trying to understand the wsdl file. This file is being called from a partner link. I have understood most of the part of it but could not understand the following:

      OpaqueSchema="false" >

      Would appreciate if you could please help to make me understand this part of wsdl file. I have noticed that if i change the value of LogicalDirectory parameter then the build does not deploy successfully. Somehow it is linked with the bpel.xml...Please suggest me how?

      Appreciate your help..

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          James Taylor-Oracle
          This is the operation that will be performed when a file is read.

          LogicalDirectory = This is the property you have specified to identify the directory to poll. This is best practice, if you do this then you need to specify a name in the bpel.xml file. This also means you can change the directory on the fly within the BPEL console. If you right-click on the recieve for the partner link there is a property tab add the property inputTriggerDir and give the value of the directory on the server.

          ActivationSpec = This is just a pointer to the java code, this is defaulted and should not be changed.

          IncludesFiles = in your case you are looking for files with the extension of .trg

          PollingFrequency = in your case 10 second interval

          MinimumAge = This allows you to put a buffer so if a file takes some time to load you can put a wait until you get the full file.

          DeleteFile = Once read it will delete

          OpaqueSchema = If true means that you have specified no schema and is read in as binary. This is used for pass through, what you read in is what comes out the other side. Manly used for pdf and images.