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    VS2008 + ODAC 11 + Windows 2008 Server + MSDTC

      Today, I found out that when we upgraded our development environment to VS 2008, and then updgraded our odac to which was a requirement for interoperability, we sacrificed something very important -- Transaction support. It appears by all information I can find that odac 11 and the MTS service do not support windows server 2008.

      Our MIS department tells me that they can no longer buy servers with windows server 2003 licenses, so the last server they got for our next client deploy is a windows 2008 server. We got our app installed, and when we ran it, we found that it could not enlist in a transaction, even though the correct components were installed, and the DTC config was just like we used for 2003.

      A little google search revealed the "incredible" fact that odac 11 -- the lastest version, does not support DTC on windows server 2008. How can this be??????? Transaction support is very important for any application that has any sort of complex relational state, where rows need to succeed or fail as a unit.

      How can you release a product which supports the latest development platform, but will not support a crucial functional requirement on the latest server version.

      In addition, I can find no comment about when this support would be added.

      EXTREMELY dissapointed and frustrated... Please Help Us?