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    new features for OEM

      How do I get new feature requests into oracle?

      My main request, is an overhaul of the OEM homepage - Auto Refereshing set on, and geared more around the critical alerts and warnings, plus performance information. As it is there isn't a single page I can leave OEM on and get an up to date picture of our overall environment, without manually refreshing the home page and then navigating through several pages.

      This gives me no excuse to ask for a plasma screen on the office wall, with OEM alerts on, amongst other important non-movie related items.

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          My work around for the refresh problem was to set up a dashboard. You can set it to automatically refresh. However, as it has limited space, I grouped my targets into systems prior to adding them to the dashboard.

          It would be nice if they would allow you to customize the front page. Our SAs care about HW and OS while I (DBA) care more about DBs and DB components. Neither of us care about policy violations. It would be nice if we could each have a home page that fitted our needs - or even determine which tab would act as the home tab.

          Not an answer to your question, I know, but I do share your pain.
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            I am using the Dashboards in OEM to give an overview of the status and availability of our oracle environment and are using this dashboard on a screen on the wall. The dashboard will auto refresh.

            First create a system which is a set of components that defines the system. I have 3 Oracle HTTP servers that I have defined as a system named 'HTTP System'.

            Then create a generic service 'HTTP Services' and add the system you have just created. In this generic service you can define the availability and the service level rule.

            Then go to the 'Reports' tab and mark the dashboard 'Services Monitoring Dashboard' and click 'Create Like'. Name your new report 'HTTP Dashboard', select 'Use the specified target' and go to the Elements tab.
            Now click the 'Set Parameters' - Select the generic service 'HTTP Services' - click continue and then OK.

            Open your report 'HTTP Dashboard'. This dashboard will show you the status and service level of the specified service and it will auto-refresh. If you want some performance and usage metrics on the dashboard you have to configure them in the generic service. When configuring performance and usage metrics it is also possible to define warning and critical thresholds and if the metric goes above the threshold you will be able to see that on the dashboard.

            You can create more generic services and add them to you dashboard so that it eventually will give an overview of your environment.

            Further information see the Oracle Enterprise Manager Concepts - Service Management.
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              I too would recommend using the SYSTEM/DASHBOARD feature of Grid Control EM. The default for this is to refresh every minute.